Our factory was founded in 1995 as a manufacture and trading company for smoking accessories and lighters. Over the next decade, the company diversified into other areas, such as electronics, information technology, textile and retail. The factory officially entered into hookah manufacture in 2005 as the second hookah factory in the history of mainland China. Until today it is one of the greatest leaders in hookah production and marked as one of the TOP 3 hookah factories in China (measured by yearly export revenue).


Our designer team and development team brings daily maximum effort on creating the newest and the most innovative products to bring you and all the users the next generation of hookah and accessories.

Until today we hold more than 30 design patents, technology patents and founding patents. By using top German technology, machinery and high quality raw materials we can produce perfect tools for the best hookah experience.


Stainless Steel

304 | Electroplate | Golden


Pure | Modified


Shiny | Matt


Pure | Electroplated


Gold | Silver


Heavy | Crystal | Cut | Coloured

Polymeric Materials

Plastic | Silicone


Purpose of our headquarters is to offer our clients and potential partners the possibility to communicate with us directly (without any import & export trading companies). To reach our honourable partners easily, face to face and within minimum time. Due to this customer service we can create maximum effective and trustworthy cooperation.

Our headquarter in ZheJiang, P.R. China was founded in the same time as our factory in 2005. Our production department, development team, technical designer team, sales team and export specialists are all situated here next to our factory.

Our headquarter in Prague, Czech Republic was founded in 2018, during strategic expansion on world-wide market to approach our clients as near as possible. Our marketing & customer service department, creative designer team, public relations team, sales team and import specialists are all located here in the heart of Europe.

Product design & development

2D & 3D appearance and technical design

Sample formation & pre-production preparation

Design sample and pre-production sample

Factory wholesale offering & showroom

Personal verification of quality and price negotiation

Professional legal & financial agreements

Individual contract settings and payment terms

Complete import services, logistics & storage

Full delivery arrangement from our factory to you


Hookah is not only an instrument for smoking enjoyment, it is also an art piece, either for households, lounges, bars, cafés, restaurants, hotels or outdoor seating. Smoking a well prepared pipe and watching a design masterpiece is what hookah users need and our mission is to realize this with our creative designer team.

As any product, its constant upgrade and improvement is what users are looking for. Bringing revolutionary visions and invention of hookah and accessories of the next generation is the mission of our technical designer team.

Besides price performance and attentive access of production, the most outstanding side of our company is our company’s culture and attitude to our clients and partners. Our priority is to build an equivalent, friendly and trustworthy environment, where we can initiate our potential future or maintain our long-term pleasurable business relation.

Like in any business sphere, only imagination and discussion of what we want will never bring the results. Our final and most important mission is to bring your idea into the real world. Beginning from manual drawings, 2D & 3D design visualization, 2D & 3D technical visualization, 3D printing, design sample, pre-production sample to final product.